Regional Awards
Divided into 6 regions and each firm competes against other local firms. There is no restriction in type or size of firm, but their work should be mainly undertaken with the local area.

Customer Service Award 
This was a new award for 2019 and recognises an outstanding performance with the Mystery Shopping exercise. 

Direct Conveyancing Firm
This is for firms who mainly operate on a national basis, winning work direct from the internet or from panel managers.

Small Conveyancing Firms
Again the country will be split into regions . This award allows smaller firms who still offer a top-class service but without the large marketing budgets of their larger rivals to compete against each other on a level playing field. We classify small firms as those with LESS than 50 transactions for value, in the September 2020 Land Registry League tables.

Young Conveyancer
One of the most competitive and highly sought-after categories. We classify young conveyancers as being under 30 years old and they should have control of their own case load and be responsible for the client from instruction through to completion.

Individual Conveyancer
This is open to any conveyancer controlling their own case load and is judged solely through customer feedback. 

Best use of Websites, Marketing and Social Media
As the name suggests we look at all aspects of how a firm markets its conveyancing department.

Best Innovation
For firms who have an innovative idea or solution.

Best Training Firm
For firms who have an advanced training scheme to develop staff to progress their careers.

Best New Conveyancing Firm
An exciting new Award for 2021, we classify New firms as those who are less than 2 years old, the assessment process will provide valuable feedback to the firms.